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Since then, studio electronics supervised by analogia inc. Studio electronics se1x, limited edition at gear4music. Midi quest studio electronics se1 editor and librarian. Studio electronics se1 display screen main page and patch no. Display studio electronics se1 display screen image by nikolaus riehm equipment courtesy of purple rising. Studio electronics se1x analog synthesizer module features.

Analog essentials patchman music pro patches volume 1 for the studio electronics se1 and se1x contains all of the classic analog synth leads and superphat basses that were omitted from the presets. You can change the sounds for the buttons very well thought out. Products se02 ext box se1x editor omega editor atc editor tonestar boomstar boomstar. Download patch base for ipad free in the app store. Studio electronics announces stand alone software editor for. It was a beast of a synth that quickly became a favorite at my studio and among many wellknown producers of the day. Roland boutique se02 analog synthesizer designed by studio electronics. The se1x, patriarch of the studio electronics analog sound. This is the synthesizer that built studio electronics reputation as a builder of quality analogue gear. These patches fill in all the gaps that were missing in the factory se1se1x presets. Patches for most instruments including studio electronics synths.

Its a wonderful sounding unit, even in 2017, like the op asked. Duivendrecht, north hollandbased audio electronics mattijsen supplied the system, which comprises a cl1 console with two rio1608d io units for the theaterschools main performance space. Few allanalog synthesizers can deliver anything near the subtractive soundshaping power of the studio electronics se1 synth module i owned an se1 for a while and sold it to pay for other gear, but now i miss it and would like to get another one. Phase and midi sync 693 preset patches connections. Patchman music studio electronics se1 se1x soundbanks and. Tuning routine computes correction values that are added or subtracted from the oscillator cv to make them play in tune. Atcx, atcxi, omega 8, c o d e, c o d e od, c o d e clean. Kept in a clean smokefree studio in brooklyn for the past 5 years basically untouched. There is also a 12 db lowbandpass filter which emulates the classic sounds of oberheim synthesizers. Click below for complete details on this studio electronics soundbank. Studio electronics se1x limited analog synthesizer. Patchman music pro patches for the studio electronics se1 and se1x take over where the se1s presets left off. B legend the serious professionals source for the boomiest basses and smoothest, wormiest leads on the planet.

Monophonic analogue synthesiser expander 24 db mini and 12 db sem filters with lopass and bandpass as well as with extended frequency range, three vcos, original 2stage, voltagecontrolled mini amplifier, noise generator, analogue ring. I am wondering if i should replace my pulse with a studio electronics se1x or slim phatty in the absence of a sub 37 rack. Studio electronics se1x editor and librarian the studio electronics se1x is one of the synths were considering adding support for in patch base. I have both a prophet 08se and an se1x red eye and while i really dig the sound of the prophet, it couldnt touch the bass sounds i was able to. Sound quest has developed andor licensed software to the top three synthesizer manufacturers along with other major midi hardware makers including. Studio electronics atc1 tone chameleon moog filter vintage analog synthesizer ambient patch. See below patchman music pro patches for the studio electronics se1 and se1x take over where the se1s presets left off. Patchman music offers professional soundbanks for the following studio electronics synthesizers. Youve invested in the worlds finest bass and lead synth now load it up with the worlds finest bass and lead patches programmed. Studio electronics tim caswell has said that the model d was indeed used as a reference for the synth the panel layout is near identical, but that its actually a sort of greatest hits. Time stamps below for the specific patch and the patch sheets appear at the last 10 seconds of each clip. Monophonic course utilization we can not be simpler, you connect, you play. Get the most from your studio electronics se1 editor and librarian with fast and easy parameter editing, unparalleled bank organization, inspirational patch randomization, plugin support for au, vst3, vst2, aax, and unmatched daw integration.

Studio electronics se1 midicontrolled monophonic analog synthmodule. Studio electronics releases the roland se02 editor for. Here is a rack analogue 3 u, handmade in the united states in the tradition of the collectors of rve as the minimoog, but with a flashrom and all the improvements made in the field of numrique. A collection of 10 patches w preset templates for the minimini v30. Midi quest studio electronics se1 editor and librarian for. Studio electronics midimini v30 demo with patches no. Studio electronics se1x limited analog synthesizer sweetwater. Deep and detailed patch and bank exploration modification made easy. The guys at studio electronics built the last red eye especially for me a couple of months ago. I dont have much space for another keyboard or table top so would prefer rack. What set it apart from the actual mini was the addition of midi, patch memory, and a robust led display. Patchman music studio electronics se1, se1x soundbanks. The one shown here has been sold, but we have another we can refurbish for you.

Midi quest studio electronics se1 editorlibrarian for ipad. Main patch selection studio electronics se1 display screen image by nikolaus riehm equipment courtesy of purple rising. In 1985 and 1989 the team of developers included vals sons greg and mark 4 years later together with them studio electronics released the first monophonic programmable discrete analogue premium quality synthesizer se1. Synthesizers manufacturers brands studio electronics. Just add your own musical structure to the mix, and studio electronics premium quality analog since 1985 dont you know. May 14, 2019 studio electronics use the word patriarch to describe the historical impact of the heart of the se1x over their entire range of synthesizers, even down to the se02 collaboration with roland. In launching the boomstar range, studio electronics have stepped from the protective cover of 19inch racks and on to the desktop. Studio electronics brings back the se1x analogue monosynth.

Amsterdam students cut their teeth on danteenabled cl series. Patchman music studio electronics se1 se1x soundbanks. The atc1 is well equipped with midi and cv gate ports. In excellent used condition with minimal rack rash and just a few case marks. Studio electronics boomstar 3003 desktop analog synthesizer. This limitation in the handson approach to sound editing is ok for studio work, but makes live performance use difficult. Studio electronics manufacturers of premium quality analog synths and class a audio gear.

Plus, with sweetwater s awardwinning service and support, if you should ever have a question about studio electronics products, were here to help. Studio electronics se1 anything like the real minimoog. Vst and au plugin versions of the editor will be along in time but studio electronics figure the se02 users are mostly running outside of a daw. A powerful, fully loaded analog monosynth in a 3u rackmount format switchable fuzz circuit arpesque sine wave conjures up classic moog and oberheimstyle sounds across a massive range of tone 3 vcos include 3 waveforms, frequency, pulse width, and sync options. Going through some demos on se1 with some delay added. Four envelopes, three lfos, full midi implementation, and a host of original extra features. Comparing the two studio electronics side by side lets get a totally different opinion. The roland se02 analog synthesizer is a collaborative effort from roland and studio electronics, that uses authentic discrete circuitry to create an analog synth with a distinctly american sound. Im just messing about with a simple bassline and 1 bar of drums. Apr 6, 2018 getting back to our roots, this board focuses on our humble beginnings in holland.

Theyre also well known for their innovative reflexion filter, a very useful device that helps you to capture drier vocal recordings in less than ideal recording spaces. With 24 knobs, 21 tactile switches, midi control over parameters and plenty of program storage memory 396 presets and 396 user patches, the se1 is a. Studio electronics se1 monosynth photo courtesy of matrixsynth website. The atc 1 is well equipped with midi and cv gate ports. Studio repair studio electronics se1 display screen.

There is also an external audio input to the vcf filter. Atc1 x, omega 8, code, boomstar, boomstar modular, tonestar, and roland collab. We offer factory authorized service for leading manufacturers and are recognized worldwide as one of the industrys most. Studio electronics se1x editor and librarian patch base.

The classic moog sound comes from its distinctive 24 db lowpass voltage controlled analog filter. Weve also incorporated our take on the boxy, buzzy, and bright 12db filter of the oberheim s. Studio electronics se1 se1x se1 se1x se1x patches sounds. See more ideas about delft, dutch house and blue and white. Se1, analog synth racksound module from studio electronics. Little demo of this famously fat synth tweaking the filter controls via some midi knobs reverb via the. May 08, 2016 amazing fastest homemade wood lathe machines working skills extreme wood cutting machines easy duration. There are a total of 99 patches of the highest quality sounds available for the finest analog bass and lead synth ever. All the other controls make sense but im baffled here. Desktop se02, boomstar 5089, 4075, 3003, sem, se80. See more ideas about amsterdam, holland, netherlands. There is something very unique about the se1 that is hard to explain. These patches fill in all the gaps that were missing in the factory se1 se1x presets. If you want to see an editor for this synth, give us your feedback on the patch base voting page, to let us know.

Four yamaha dxr10 loudspeakers have been installed for stage monitors, which can also be used as a pa system for events taking place elsewhere in the. A perfect combo for recording in less than perfect environments. Studio electronics se1x monophonic analog synth is back for. Call your sweetwater sales engineer tollfree at 18002224700 for more information about any of the studio electronics.

Get a crisp, clean source recording from the handbuilt capsule of the x1, while virtually eliminating any room coloration of your sound with the rfx mic filter. The first thing to notice is the different sound, while the se1 has a kind of boomin majesty the atc1 sounds really snappy and more aggressive with a more vintage feel. With 24 knobs, 21 tactile switches, midi control over parameters and plenty of program storage memory 396 presets and 396 user patches, the se1 is a professional alternative to its classic forefathers. Korg, yamaha, roland, alesis, akai, line 6, maudio, and tcelectronic.

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